Plan and Prepare

One of the best investments you can make in your Salesforce CRM success is to have a clear plan. Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you don’t want to start with Salesforce CRM without a plan. A plan will help you to communicate with everyone, to do things in the right order, identify key resources, and know when you’re done.

As you plan and prepare to get Salesforce CRM up and running, complete the following steps (in order):

  1. Build your team
  2. Define and prioritize your goals
  3. Define your process
  4. Map your process to Salesforce CRM functionality
  5. Define the fields you need
  6. Define the reports you need
  7. Train your administrator
  8. Communicate with your users

Here are the 5 steps to a successful implementation:

  1. Plan and prepare
  2. Set up and Customize
  3. Deploy Salesforce CRM
  4. Drive adoption
  5. Continuously improve

We will be there with you at every stage of the project. Our team will make sure the system is designed as per the best practices defined by Salesforce.