SoftAppsPro provides software development services for all industries. By utilizing expertise of our software developers and engineers you will be able to build world class solutions. We are covering all major development environments, and in addition we can optimize your current solutions and integrate them with the new ones.

Software Development

• Salesforce
• C++
• Java (JSE, JEE, Java ME)
• Web Services
• .Net

Database Development
• DB Design

Enterprise Application and System Integration
SoftAppsPro offers enterprise application and system integration. Whether you are building new solutions at the top of your existing ones, or trying to link isolated systems or businesses together, we have the skills to assist you and build better integrated systems. With the help of our top consultants your system integration will be an easy and enjoyable experience for you! We provide the following services:

• Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
• Java Business Integration (JBI)
• Architecture
• Web Services
• Design
• Business-to-Business(B2B), (B2C)
• Development
• Customized adapters
• Best practices of integration patterns
• Testing and deployment of integration solutions

IT Consulting
SoftAppspro provides top industry consultants at your disposal. We offer IT consulting within the following areas:
• IT Strategy
• Value Management
• Enterprise Architecture
• Operational Excellence
• IT Governance & Partnership
• IT Leadership
• Software Architecture
• Software Development
• Enterprise Application and System Integration
• SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
• Web Development
• SOA, Integration, Web, and Enterprise System Testing • Graphic Design

Our specialists will be able to assist you with many aspects of your IT
infrastructure, at any stage of your project, system, or software

SOA, Integration, Web, and Enterprise System Testing

SoftAppsPro conducts different types of testing by using our own innovative software products. Services include testing your system at various stages, providing full test result documentation. Regardless if you need to run User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, or Integration testing, our consultants will be able to assist you. We can test any enterprise or web system, as well as SOA systems and application integration.
With the power our technology tests can be conducted on the spot, and results with full documentation produced seconds later. We also provide Unit and Performance testing, were our consultants can write and execute test cases in parallel with your development, then conduct detailed performance test that leads to analysis of your system with code profiling and tuning.

• User Interface Testing
• Functional Testing
• Load & Stress Testing
• System Testing
• Integration Testing
• SOA Testing