We have delivered 500+ successful Salesforce implementation and integration projects.

Since our major focus is to get our customers what they need in the time frame they want, we have designed the best approach which is a unique outsourcing methodology that works best for our clients and for us. It is based on SoftAppsPro software development concepts, our expertise in project delivery, skills and personnel utilization, and it is customized to meet the needs of our demanding clients.

To identify the initial scope of the project and a potential architecture for your system.

Contract & Relationship Management
To install a vendor relationship manager.

To prove the architecture of the system. 

To build working software on a regular, incremental basis which meets the highest-priority needs of your project stakeholders.

To validate and deploy your system into your production environment.

To establish quantifiable criteria and to measure outsourcing success.

Enterprise Architecture

When it comes to enterprise architecture, SoftAppsPro are experts in defining and implementing projects that utilise SOA, SDP (Service Delivery Platform), and other frameworks. Our goal is to establish a working relationship between our customer business objectives and their IT processes and infrastructure. We provide architecture design that focuses on business process optimization and re-engineering. Our solutions include defining and building enterprise systems tailored to customer’s requirements and business capabilities. Regardless which platform you are running, how many businesses you are planning to merge with through partnership or acquisition, SoftAppsPro will develop the right enterprise architecture that will work towards your success.

SoftAppPro enterprise architect team are experts in their fields, and they would be happy to help you with your issues. Whether you are planning building a new system or integrate your existing infrastructure, our enterprise architects will give you priceless advises on how to best optimize your IT infrastructure, structure your software, build better integrations, and to achieve ROI on your systems.